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Founded in 1993, Fish&Frog is the only italian company  with more than 30 years’ experience in importing, processing and commercializing  frogs, exporting in Europe more than 60% of its product. Fish & Frog’s qualitative standard are strict and target every single process stage, including packaging, transportation and delivering.

Innovation Tradition Quality

We are world leader in the commercialization of fresh products: we achieved these results on one hand, by selecting our suppliers in Albany, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Bulgaria and Serbia; and on the other hand, by ensuring a constant health and quality inspection of products, strictly in line with EC regulation. All this, while taking care of our highest priority, You.

Inside the plant, the frogs are subjected to rigorous control and only those with the right features get to the slaughter atelier. The staff is highly qualified, in order to ensure freshness, authenticity, and high quality-of this culinary traditional ancient product.

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Our products

Our customers can choose from a wide range of frogs, with different types of processing and packaging, and we are able to make daily deliveries throughout Italy and Europe. In addition, we offer further products, such as bleak, sea smelt and shrimp, and our specialties are snails, and, above all, we are a leading company in the frogs’ sector.

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